Connection Groups


Sunday Morning Connection Groups

Sunday Morning “Connection Groups” are similar to what is often called “Sunday School.” Connection Groups tend to be larger than in-home small groups and typically range in size from 10 to 30 people in a group. These groups meet weekly in classrooms on Sunday mornings either at 9:15 am or at 11:00 am. In these groups, you will connect with others in an atmosphere that provides both Bible study and interaction. Most groups tend to share a common “stage of life”, meaning that there are groups available for most adult age groups. A Connection Group is a great option for those who struggle to find another time during the week to connect with others. If you are interested in joining a Connection Group, please fill out the following form below.

In-home Small Groups

In-home small groups typically meet twice per month in peopleʼs homes. The groups decide upon the day, time, & location of their meetings. The groups normally consist of 6 to 15 people. Because of the smaller size, we find that people in small groups generally make great connections with those in their groups. The atmosphere of meeting in homes often allows the group to share a meal along with conversation. Even so, small groups are not simply a social outlet. They also spend time in Bible study, discussing topics and how they can apply Godʼs Word to their lives.