OBC At Home

Social-distancing and self-quaratine can drive you crazy. Or it can drive you closer to God.

For the next several weeks, we have a unique opportunity to spend more time with God and our families than ever before. What if the very thing meant to isolate us actually drew us closer together? Use this time of meeting at home to step into more — more leadership of yourself and your people, more intimacy with God, and more real talk with the people you love.

Leading Myself

Use these resources to activate your personal pursuit of God.

Leading My Home

Use these resources to make your home a place of worship.

Partnering with parents to teach preschoolers that God loves them, made them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever!

Find resources for your preschooler here >

Guiding kids to put their faith in Jesus!

Find resources for your elementary student here >

Helping students develop a faith of their own!

Find resources for your middle schooler here >

Equipping high schoolers to know, grow, and go!

Find resources for your high schooler here >

Leading My Group

If you’re part of a OBC Group or Prime Group, you can access resources and more information here >

This is also a great time to stay connected day-to-day encouraging each other in group chats and on video calls!