Outreach Ministries


Here at Osborne Baptist Church we are passionate about impacting our local community through ministries that demonstrate Christ’s love for each and every human being. Please check out the outreach ministries below and take time to PRAY to see if God has plans for you in these exciting ministries.

Deaf Ministry



The Deaf Ministry at Osborne Baptist Church supports the deaf members of our church and community. The vision of the Deaf Ministry at OBC is to reach out to all deaf people, to share the gospel, and to provide opportunities for spiritual growth. Sign language is available at the 11:00am worship service each Sunday. Please check in at the “NEED INFO” table in the lobby if you are new to OBC and a volunteer will give you further instructions.


Youth Mentoring

Our mission: We exist to love at-risk children, by providing Christian adults, of character and integrity, to become their role model and life-long friend.

Osborne Baptist Church Youth Mentoring Ministry is a faith based ministry in Rockingham County North Carolina. The vision of the Osborne Baptist Church Youth Mentoring Ministry is to place each child/youth in Rockingham County who desires a mentor with a committed Christian adult in a one-to-one mentoring relationship.
All mentors and staff are trained in the specific needs of the child/youth and have been given specific tools for them to help address the issues that may arise. All mentors undergo criminal background screening. Mentors will commit to spend one to two hours a week with the child/youth for a minimum of a year. If you know of a child/youth that could benefit from a mentor relationship, please contact us to begin the referral process.

Friendship Ministry

The Friendship Ministry at Osborne Baptist Church is a bi-monthly gathering for children and adults (ages 12 & older) with developmental disabilities.

Our vision is to share the love of Jesus Christ with our friends with special abilities.

We believe that everyone is created perfect in God’s image and that everyone should be able to experience the joy of knowing they are of value to God and to God’s people. We believe that everyone should have access to friendships and relationships centered on God’s love for them. At our Friendship Ministry gatherings, each special friend will be matched with a “buddy” and together they will explore God’s love for them through worship, drama, bible study, crafts and social time.

Treasures Ministry

If you have been wondering if foster care or adoption might be a part of God’s plan for your family, you can find out more by attending one of our upcoming events, checking out our resources and links, or by contacting us.

Imagine the impact on our nation if the church would love, care for and adopt the 125,000 children currently waiting in the US Foster care system. It is estimated that there are 144 Adult Evangelical Christians for every 1 child that needs a family.
Imagine the impact on our world if the church would reach out and love the 143 million abandoned orphaned children. If just 7% of the world’s 2 billion Evangelical Christians would care for just 1 boy or girl in their distress, there would effectively be no more orphans! Can’t you care for just 1?

Imagine if you were the one born and no one cared, or you were the one growing up without the love and guidance of a mom or dad.

Imagine the impact of God’s people coming together and showing the world what it means to be a follower of Jesus by putting a high value on these precious treasures.
There is no better time than now!

The Treasures Ministry exists to inform Christians of the facts concerning orphans and their need worldwide. Educate Christians about the practical and biblical ways they can get involved in the care of orphans. Assist and support Christians as they follow Christ’s command to care for these children.

If we care for them and show them the love of family, and of God, it will matter not just to them, but to everyone they interact with in life, and their future generations and not just for today, but for all of eternity.

If we ignore the opportunity that God is providing to us. Many of the 143 million will survive to adulthood; but what kind of adults will they be, if they have never experienced security, compassion or the love of family?

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