Our Staff

Pastor Steve has been the Senior Pastor at OBC since 1992. He is married to Jenny and has three children, Sarah, Stephen, and Chloe. He is a graduate of Berea College and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Email Steve at sgriffith@osbornebaptist.com

Layton joined the OBC staff in September 2006. He is a NC State graduate who was called to ministry after 11 years in the textile industry. Layton, his wife Liz, and their three children, John, Jeremy and Janna are excited to be serving at Osborne.

Email Layton at leveritt@osbornebaptist.com

Jason joined the OBC staff in 2008 as a youth pastor and has served as our worship pastor since 2012. He is married to Jennifer and has six children.

Email Jason at jwilson@osbornebaptist.com

Kevin joined our staff in 2010. He is a graduate of Elon University and has a Master’s degree from UNC-Greensboro and a Master’s of Arts and Christian Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. Kevin became our Collide High School Pastor in 2012. He is married to Tracie and they have two children, Matthew and Mallory.

Email Kevin at kbedard@osbornebaptist.com

Ryan joined the OBC staff in September 2008 and serves as our Middle School Pastor. He finished his Bachelors of Science in Religion at Liberty University in November 2011 and married his wife, Tiffany, in December 2014. Ryan has a heart for our Middle School students and seeing them grow in their relationship with Christ.

Email Ryan at rmurphy@osbornebaptist.com

David joined our staff is October 2014. He serves as our Children’s Ministry Director, which oversees the spiritual education of kids in the 1st through 5th grades. David has served in children and student ministry for more than 20 years before being called into full time ministry in 2014. David is married to Michelle and has three children, Emily, Audrey and Sarah.

Email David at dtuck@osbornebaptist.com

Sarah joined our staff in August 2014. She realized her call to some form of ministry in 2013 through a long-term mission trip to Thailand and Hawaii with the organization YWAM. In Hawaii, she participated in a discipleship training school and worked with an outreach program against human trafficking in Thailand. She enjoys working with children and introducing them to who Jesus is and growing closer to Jesus with her husband, Daniel.

Email Sarah at sheston@osbornebaptist.com

Jason joined the OBC staff in June 2016. He was called to ministry after 15 years of working local government. Jason leads our Discipleship Team and serves our adult leaders and teachers. He is married to Lori and they have five children, Lorelai, Meredith, Nate, Piper and Katherine.

Email Jason at jbarrow@osbornebaptist.com

Ronnie joined the OBC staff in April 2013 as our adult discipleship director until recently becoming the missions director in 2016. He is married to Heather and they have two children, Hannah and Nathan, and a granddaughter, Cora.

Email Ronnie at rbullins@osbornebaptist.com

Brandon joined our staff in September 2015 and married his wife, Hannah, a year later. Before studying Worship Technology at Liberty University, Brandon and his family were missionaries with World Venture to Moscow, Russia. On our Creative Team, he is responsible for maintaining our musical and audio equipment and helping coordinate our weekend worship experiences.

Email Brandon at bschroeder@osbornebaptist.com

Anna joined our staff in September 2015. She served in other areas of our church before joining our Creative Team full-time. She assists with our graphics, videos, and printed media as well as service programming for our worship services. She is responsible for the Production Team ministry, which works to create an engaging worship experience each weekend, and has been married to her husband, Mikey, since October 2018.

Email Anna at acummins@osbornebaptist.com

Tiffany joined our staff in December 2016. She moved to Eden from Tennessee in 2012 and has been married to Ryan Murphy, our Middle School pastor, since December 2014. On our Creative Team, she creates our videos and assists with graphics and printed media. She also leads OBC’s student worship ministry, Student Worship Collective.

Email Tiffany at tmurphy@osbornebaptist.com

Valerie began assisting with volunteer scheduling for our preschool ministry in 2014 until recently beginning to coordinate a new emphasis on prayer for our church in 2016. She is responsible for organizing our intercessory prayer teams, on-campus prayer during worship services, and specific prayer teams as needed. Valerie is married to Charles and has three children and three grandchildren.

Email Valerie at vknight@osbornebaptist.com 

Walter joined our staff in 2010 and serves as our Marriage Ministry Director. He is married to Janice and is enjoying life with his children and grandchildren. Walter and Janice have a great personal testimony and are committed to the covenant of marriage and letting God work through them to restore and encourage married couples.

Email Walter at wshepherd@osbornebaptist.com

Rob joined our staff in February 2019 and has led our Celebrate Recovery ministry since 2013. He has a Masters degree in professional counseling from Liberty University and currently provides counseling services for all ages. He is married to Wendy and has three children, Melinda, Caleb, and Trinity.

Email Rob at rrobbins@osbornebaptist.com

Josh joined our staff in April 2018 as our hospitality director. He oversees our Cafe ministry, coordinates food service for church events, and assists with guest experiences. Before joining our staff, he was a senior pastor for 4 years. Josh is married to his wife, Amy, and together they have four children, Jake, Elsye, Clayton, and Asher.

Email Josh at jsavage@osbornebaptist.com

After almost 18 years in telecommunications, Lee was called into ministry and joined the OBC staff in August 2016. He is responsible for maintaining our facilities and builds most of our set pieces and event pieces. The Fisher family includes his wife, Natalie, and their three children, Audrey, Preston, and Colton.

Email Lee at lfisher@osbornebaptist.com

Tom joined our staff in May 2019 after working in administrative roles in local government for over 20 years. He is responsible for managing, leading, and building community partnerships for our Rockingham Hope ministry with a goal to not only serve people with immediate physical needs, but to also minister to their relationship with Jesus. He is married to Sandee and has two children, Abraham and Hannah.

Email Tom at twiggins@osbornebaptist.com

Tabbatha joined our Discipleship Team in January 2018. She has attended OBC since 2004 and is married to her husband, Tyler, and has three children, Ella, Abel, and Axel. She is responsible for planning, preparing, implementing, and evaluating environments related to the I-WE-HE discipleship strategy of our church. On Sunday mornings, you can find her leading her small group of students in OBC Switch.

Email Tabbatha at tyates@osbornebaptist.com

Sandra joined our Discipleship Team in November 2017 after working as our receptionist since 2011. Before she worked at OBC, she was a data manager in the Rockingham County School system. On the Discipleship Team, she helps connect people to groups and serving opportunities along with facilitating people’s next steps as they find their place in our church. She is married to her husband Kerry and volunteers every Sunday as a preschool leader for four-year-olds.

Email Sandra at sgibson@osbornebaptist.com

McKenzie joined our staff in 2018. She graduated from Appalachian State and assists with human resources, finances, and mission logistics for our church. She is married to Mike and has four children, Jackson, Hayden, Savannah, and Wyatt.

Email McKenzie at mckenziechurch@osbornebaptist.com

Marie has worked at OBC since January 1989 and handles all the financial responsibilities of our church. She is married to Bobby and has 3 married grown children and 8 grandchildren.

Email Marie at mjohnson@osbornebaptist.com