Collide High School


We are passionate about helping students grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ by creating engaging environments for them to learn what the Bible says as well as providing opportunities for them to share God’s love with the world around them. Our Vision at COLLIDE is simply “to help students love Jesus and everyone else”.

Our Mission

COLLIDE High School Ministry exists for students to KNOW Christ, to GROW in their faith, to REACH the world for Him, and to worship God through lives of SERVICE.  Our mission at COLLIDE is to partner with parents to move students to understand WHO they are in Christ (KNOW), WHY they believe what they believe (GROW), WHAT their role is in the Church (REACH), and HOW to live a life of service (SERVE).

Our Strategy

We hope to accomplish our mission in 5 strategic ways. First is our weekly Youth Worship Experience where we gather as a group to worship God and dive into His word to explore it’s truth. Next, our students have a weekly small group connection meeting with their same grade/gender peers and leaders who are invested in their lives. Next, we offer students monthly serving opportunities where they can spread God’s love in our local community. We also offer seasonal camps, retreats and events for students to get away from home to connect with God on a more personal level. Lastly, we offer students yearly foreign and domestic mission trips where they can share the Gospel with the world around them.

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