Connection Groups

Connection Groups exist to provide a safe environment where Loving Jesus and Everyone Else is enjoyable.  Connecting with others who are active and committed is always encouraging for a growing and intimate relationship with Jesus.  In Connection Groups, WE study the Bible, enjoy fellowship, care for each other, and challenge one another to live out our faith.

Why should I join a Connection Group?
We believe in the power of small groups to impact your life, the lives of those around you, and even our community as a whole. We believe you can only go so far on your own— God designed us to be connected to each other so that we can continue to grow in every facet of our lives.

What types of Connection Groups are available?
The main categories for Connection Groups are based on a participant’s season of life. The categories beneath those are broken down by location, meeting day and time, curriculum, and interest based (i.e. hobbies, foster parents, etc).

What does a Connection Group look like?
A connection group usually consists of 8 to 15 OBC members who meet on a regular basis on the OBC campus or in someone’s home to study and discuss the Bible, pray for one another, and do ministry together.  In-home Connection Groups meet all across the surrounding area on various nights of the week; on-campus Connection Groups meet on Sunday mornings.

When can I join a Connection Group?
Any time!  Click on the “Join A Connection Group” button above to get started.

Is childcare provided?
We want to create a comfortable environment for groups that is free of distractions, so children may not be present at Connection Group meetings.  Joining an on-campus Sunday morning Connection Group allows your children to grow spiritually in our amazing Preschool, Children, Switch, and Collide ministries. Each off-campus Connection Group handles childcare differently. Your Connection Group Leader will give you those details.

How do I become a Connection Group leader?
It’s easy! Click on the “Host A Connection Group” button above to get started.

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