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Our mission at collide

Collide High School Ministry exists for students to KNOW Christ. Part of our mission at Collide is to partner with parents to move students to understand who they are in Christ. This includes growing community not only on Sunday mornings, but Wednesday nights as well. 

Collide MDWK is located in the main building worship center. Join us for an awesome night of fun games, worship, and relevant teaching. After the sermon we go into small groups and talk about what we learned further. Doors open at 6pm. 

Collide High School Ministry exists for students to GROW in their faith. A part of our mission at Collide is to partner with parents to move students to understand why they believe what they believe. Part of helping students understand why they believe what they believe is through Lifegroups. Lifegroups are grade and gender specific small groups. 

Collide Lifegroups are located in "the corner" inside the main building. Here at Collide we believe community is powerful! We hope you will join us as we gather in small groups and discuss the lesson from Wednesday night. Doors open at 9am and we start at 9:15am! After Lifegroups, we then attend the 11am main worship service together.

*Lifegroups are currently paused due to Covid-19*

Collide High School Ministry exists for students to GO reach the world for Him through lives of service. A part of our mission at Collide is to partner with parents to move students to understand and learn what their role is in the church and how to live a life of service.

Collide mission trips can be found on our missions page. On that page, you will be able to read more about our missions strategy and apply for upcoming trips! 

Our Vision

We are passionate about helping students grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ by creating engaging environments for them to learn what the Bible says as well as providing opportunities for them to share God’s love with the world around them. Our vision at Collide is simply to help students love Jesus and everyone else.

Current series


If your faith were a muscle, how flexible would it be? Could it stretch to your knees? Your shins? Your toes? Or are you not sure you even have any faith to stretch in the first place? Just like your body, if you want a faith that is strong, growing, and capable of carrying you through difficult challenges, you're going to need to stretch it. It might be fun. It might be challenging. But it will definitely be worthwhile. In this series, we'll discover four ways we can stretch our faith from Paul, the author of the book of Romans and a man whose life was completely transformed by Jesus. Thanks to Paul's words, we know we can stretch our faith by making a commitment, by starting something new, and by letting something go. We can even stretch our faith when we feel like we've failed.

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