Connection Groups

Connection Groups meet once a week to study the Bible, enjoy fellowship, care for each other, and challenge each other to live out their faith. If this is new to you - relax! There’s no pressure. Just commit to giving it a shot for one term. You don’t need to have it all together; no one else in your Connection Group will either. Also, you have permission to try as many Connection Groups as it takes until you find the one you want to stick with. If one Connection Group isn’t a fit, don’t stay. Everyone wants you to be in a place you enjoy.

Interested in joining a connection group?

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Why should I join a connection group?

Building authentic relationships with others is a must to grow in loving Jesus and everyone elseWe believe in the power of small groups to impact your life, the lives of those around you, and even our community as a whole. You can only go so far on your own — God designed us to be connected to each other so that we can continue to grow in every area of our lives.

What does a connection group look like?

Connection Groups provide a healthy environment so we can enjoy taking steps on our spiritual journey together! They usually consist of 8 to 15 people who meet on a regular basis to study and discuss the Bible, pray for one another, and do ministry together. Some Connection Groups meet on campus while others meet off campus. Meeting days and times vary by group.

When can I join a connection group?

Connection Groups meet in three 8-12 week periods of time called the Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms. You’ll feel most connected when you commit to a group for the duration of a term. However, some Connection Groups have can be joined regardless of where we're at in a term. Check out our Groups Finder above to see which groups are available.

Is childcare provided?

Wildlife is a kids ministry at OBC that equips Connection Groups to invest in the next generation and places a high value on families. Kids attend the meeting with their parents, but while parents are together, adults rotate going to a different area of the house or a different room at OBC with the kids. Your Connection Group Leader can give you more details about Wildlife.

Full OBC preschool and kids programming is offered on-campus every Sunday morning.

How do I connect with a group?

Simply contact the leader directly using the Group Finder and let them know you want to connect with their group.


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