WEDNESDAYs at 6:30



Switch is our weekly Wednesday Night middle school ministry at Osborne Baptist Church for students 6-8th grade.
Switch is loaded with worship, friends, small groups, and a message geared towards middle schoolers and their
everyday life. Our goal is to create an experience where middle schoolers can meet Christ and develop a faith of their own.

Every middle schooler who walks through our doors on Wednesday is greeted by a group of excited people ready to welcome them to another exciting night at Switch! If it is your first visit, that’s awesome. You’ll see a banner when you walk through our front doors that says, “First Time At Switch?” We’d love for you to stop by and give us a little information about yourself. It’s very important for us to know who you are, who your parents are, how to get in contact in case of emergency, and to let you know about upcoming events at Switch.

Safety is extremely important to us. Our volunteers are background-checked and trained to create a safe, secure environment for every student.

Every week is full of excitement, music, games, prizes, teaching, small groups and of course... candy.

The middle school phase of life is full of exciting and difficult times. We want to make the most of this time in every student's life!

We want middle schoolers to know that there is a REAL GOD who loves them and wants a RELATIONSHIP with them.
We exist to help every middle schooler develop a real and personal faith of their own.



After the main session, Switch students break out into small groups that are age and gender specific (6th Grade Girls, 6th Grade Boys, etc.). Life can be difficult and doubts of all kinds can creep in, particularly with middle schoolers. Having friends and adult leaders is critical to understanding who we are in Christ.

Our small groups provide space for students and leaders to talk through tough questions.


Middle Schoolers are faced with very high level questions. Who is God really? What difference does He make in my life? Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I know if I’m making the best decisions?

The Bible provides relevant answers to questions like these. Our teaching provides biblical, foundational truth for questions middle schoolers deal with every day.


Worship through music is something that we are super passionate about in Switch!  Each week our Switch worship team leads the way with 2 energetic, Biblically based, easy to understand songs. We jump around, sing loud and teach middle schoolers that God is amazing and singing to Him is a great way to tell Him how we feel about Him. We believe that worship is a lifestyle and there are many ways to worship God, but singing is a fun, easy way to worship Him!

We think it's amazing when middle schoolers use their talents to serve Jesus, so we created Student Worship Collective. SWC is dedicated to equip students in Middle School to serve their peers with their musical gifts. You can learn more about SWC and find out how to join HERE.


Switch is the perfect place for students to do their favorite things: play games, listen to music, and hang out with friends. There’s always something selfie-worthy or ready to add to a Snapchat story. Students will definitely want to share what’s happening at Switch.



We have a favorite saying in Switch..."Switch is Family!" And that includes YOU!

When you walk through the doors you’ll be greeted and directed to the Switch Connect table so you can give us just a little information about yourself. It’s very important for us to know who you are, who your parents are, and how to get in contact in case of emergency and to let you know about upcoming events at Switch.

After that, you'll be introduced to some other students your age so they can show you around and make sure you feel comfortable.

We have a ton of awesome leaders hanging around the room wearing orange name tags. You can go to any of them if you have any questions.


Parenting is hard.
You want to get it right.
We want to help.

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Switch staff

Ryan Murphy
Switch Middle School Pastor