At OBC, we believe that: 
  • Everyone is created perfect in God’s image and that everyone should be able to experience the joy of knowing they are of value to God and to God’s people. We believe that everyone should have access to friendships and relationships centered on God’s love for them.
  • Love is a free gift to all. It does not depend on any certain level of mental ability.
  • The church is complete only when it includes all of God’s children and when all people are seen as equals in our eyes.
The Friendship Ministry at Osborne Baptist Church is for children and adults (ages 12 & older) with any type developmental disability.
At our Friendship Ministry gatherings, each special friend will be matched with a “buddy” who will make sure they feel comfortable and safe. Together, they will explore God’s love for them through worship, skits, bible study, crafts and social time.

Did you know that OBC has a Sunday morning group designed especially for kids with special needs?


Friendship Kids is designed to create a loving,
safe environment where kids with special needs can
grow spiritually, physically, and socially.

We handle the details of Friendship Kids based on the individual child. Our staff always looks to serve families and kids with special needs in the best way we can.  Sometimes that means in a separate environment, and sometimes that means with a buddy in our elementary classes.

If you have a child who would participate in this ministry or if you are interested in serving in this ministry, please contact us.


Friendship Ministry events are paused until further notice due to Covid-19. Friendship Kids takes place during Sunday morning worship services and will resume September 27.


Friendship Ministry events are paused until further notice due to Covid-19. Friendship Kids is held in our safe and secure children's area where a corresponding sticker is given to the parent or guardian of the child during check-in. You and your child must wear the sticker provided during check-in to gain entry to the children’s area. Learn more on our elementary page >